8 Things Every New Mom Should Have

I’m only 9 weeks in to this gig as a new mom but I’ve already learned some real gems that I’d like to pass on to new mamas (and papas too). If you’re a mama-to-be then make sure these items make it on your registry. You can thank me later.

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Nipple Shields

If you plan on breastfeeding then you need these puppies. Hear me: You WANT these.

Breastfeeding wasn’t as easy as I imagined it would be — insert boob here, right? Unfortunately, no. Breastfeeding can be challenging for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps baby isn’t always cooperative, you don’t get a good latch, your milk hasn’t come in yet, etc., etc. And while you’re figuring it all out your nipples are getting annihilated. I’m talking bleeding and scabs. Oh Joy!

Medela Nipple Shield
Nipple shields are little barriers that take the edge off and allow new mamas to still feed baby and heal simultaneously.

According to a study published in 2013 on why some mothers stop breastfeeding, 44% of the new moms surveyed were concerned with breast pain.  If you want to breastfeed for the long haul, then read up now on the subject and get these nipple shields. KellyMom.com has some fantastic resources.

You’ll save yourself some heartache and your ladies will thank you.

Dr. Brown Bottles

Wait, who needs bottles when we just discussed the importance of breastfeeding?  Indeedy do, observant and attractive readers. Indeedy do.

However, you’ll want a reprieve and perhaps your partner can give the babe a bottle while you take a shower (oh, what a treat!). And there are many bottle brands out there to choose from. I initially registered for a bottle that touted having a nipple that felt natural for the kiddo, but didn’t flow so naturally. Said another way, the flow of many bottles’ nipples for infants are like beer bongs for adults.


Way. Too. Fast.

While Dr. Brown bottles are made of twenty thousand different pieces, when their powers combine they make a truly — and more natural — slow flow. And that’s what we want so baby doesn’t choke and splutter.

Dr Brown Bottles


Soothies Pacifier

Some moms and blogs may tell you to hold off on using a pacifier so it does not interfere with breastfeeding. I say consult with your pediatrician.

Now, if your pediatrician gives you the green light then I highly recommend these little suckers. (See what I did there?)

soothie green pacifier
Soothies are latex-free, BPA free, hospital-grade silicone and best shaped for a baby’s developing mouth.

In addition to being the pacifier that hospitals prefer to provide to newborns, they are also the one my little boy prefers best.

If you’re still on the fence about pacifiers, consider the value nonnutritive sucking provides to your infant:

  • Can help baby to self regulate emotions
  • Can help the infant to calm down
  • Can help provide security to the baby

Check out the other benefits and tidbits on nonnutritive sucking from the American Academy of Pediatrics.


White Noise Generator

Did you know that inside the uterus it was pretty loud for your fetus? According to a 1990 study, the baseline levels of intrauterine sounds were between 72 to 88 decibels.  That ranges from a vacuum to a motorcycle.

So having a super quiet home isn’t doing your little one any favors as any sound could startle him or her. Also, it can be a little upsetting after going from a very noisy environment to one that is void of sound.

Conair white noise generator
Next to our little guy’s crib is this awesome white noise generator.

However, it is not practical to lug a large white noise generator around in your diaper bag so consider downloading a couple of white noise generator apps (some are better than others). I use the White Noise Lite app for Android but I wish I could have the MyNoise app that is only available (for now) for iOS.

This noise generator has a “newborn sleep machine” with sounds that mimic the gurgles of mom’s tummy, her heartbeat, the whooshing of amniotic fluid, and mom and dad’s voice as comforting murmurs. Here, take a listen.

Don’t have an iPhone and want this track for your little one now (can’t say I blame you), you can customize and order an audio file.


Boppy (And Extra Slip Covers)

This seems like a no-brainer and I’m sure the boppy is already on your registry, right?

I love the boppy. Wherever I go in the house this half-moon pillow follows. In addition to making the kid the right height for feedings, it is also a great place to rest your milk drunk infant and take the pressure off your still healing incision from the cesarean surgery. Oh wait, the latter part is perhaps more unique to me.

Still, the boppy is fantastic and you need one. Add it to your babyli.st registry now.

You may also want to consider requesting additional slip covers as it will get dirty. Fact of life. But at least there are uber cute designs, like this one:

Boppy slipcover from etsy
Fancy fox slipcover for the boppy is so fancy!


Baby K’Tan

Not to be confused with Catan — as in the Settlers of Catan, the award-winning  multiplayer board game by Klaus Teuber and a favorite in our household. Oh, excuse me. My nerd was showing.

No, instead I’m talking about the baby sling. Wearing your baby is more than a fashion statement, it is fantastic for your baby  as he just wants nothing else but to be close to you. Plus, you gain mobility and the ability to get something down around the house. Say, for example, the dishes I’ve been avoiding as I wrote this post.

Baby k'tan
If baby wearing were a fashion statement — this look says: “I’m operating on two hours of sleep and there’s spit up in my hair but at least my baby is calm.”


Body Wrap

Post-baby bodies or #Mombods (is that still a thing?) is a beautiful body that is trying to return to “normal.” But nothing will truly be the same after having a baby, will it? Nonetheless, wearing a wrap around your tummy can help encourage things to go back to where they were.

Belly Bandit body wrap

Note: This isn’t for vanity. This isn’t about losing weight and returning back to your pre-pregnancy weight. However, there are several big benefits to wearing a wrap:

  • Provides support to your mid-section which can feel good if recovering from a C-section
  • Aids in decreased bloating and swelling
  • Reminds you to utilize your core muscles
  • Helps to gently persuade muscles back together

Wearing a body wrap can also help boost your self confidence and help you get into some of the pre-pregnancy clothes. Ok, so it’s a little bit about vanity.

For additional benefits, check out Belly Bandit.

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Stretch marks are the tell tale sign that your skin has gained or lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. And my skin certainly made a rapid change when I lost 30 pounds in two weeks. Albeit 10 of those pounds was attributed to my baby boy.

Preggo mamas usually like to lather up with some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to help prevent stretch marks. However, it is just as important what she eats as what she puts on her skin. And unfortunately there are a lot of products that are targeted towards pregnant women that may have chemicals and preservatives that could negatively impact the fetus.

now liquid vitamin eSo, that’s why I opt for products that are all natural like aloe vera and vitamin e to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Plus when aloe vera dries it feels as though your skin is tightening up. Placebo effect? Mayhaps.

Aloe vera and vitamin e have made it to my daily moisturizing regime but there are other natural products you may enjoy more including almond oil,  jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, sesame oil … and on and on.

Read more on what to avoid putting on your skin (common ingredients in products). Happy lathering!

What Did I Miss?

Share your thoughts in the Comments and let me know what I’ve missed in this list.

And now here’s an adorable penguin to commemorate new mom (and dads) who are trying to figure out this thing called “Parenthood”.


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