Husky Videos

Must Love Dogs Huskies

There are a couple of topics that I really love to go on about from watching people, eating and my husky puppies. I have amassed videos of the dogs, Saskia and Zander, being themselves. And being a dog/husky lover they are so entertaining to me and, probably, only me.

Nonetheless, this is my corner of the web and this is their video page.

Editor’s Note: There are a lot of videos, so for the ones that are the best (based on other people’s feedback – I like them all) I’ll leave a note so you know which to enjoy first.

Puppy Days

Splish! Splash!

(Start at 1:15. Poor guy didn’t see it coming.)


(The cutest exchange between these two. Favorite video.)


(Saskia’s most popular video on YouTube. Must be a reason.)


Treats For Me, Not For You

Get The Camera Out Of Our Faces

I’m Not a Dog

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