Forget Art By Numbers, Try Art by Pinterest

Oh wait, I’ve read this blog post before. 

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s a trend that I and other bloggers have been getting in to lately: see pretty picture, want pretty picture and think that, well, maybe I could make said pretty picture.

However, this one was a success. No pins sticking out the back or anything. Woot!

Making Some Art – Pinterest Style

The Pinspiration

Source: via Martha on Pinterest

Prepping The Canvas

I have discovered the frog tape, used for keeping your baseboards from getting paint splattered, can also save one’s butt when trying to paint straight lights on canvas.


Paint and Pencil

After you’ve colored your stripes, and allowed time to try, you can use stencils or lightly write in pencil the words of your favorite quote. The stencils I purchased were too large so I had to use pencil. And I don’t hate the outcome. Success!


Steady Hand and Cool Head

I’m not a very patient person. So this portion of the project was very challenging. Tip: I found myself using the pointed round tip brush the most. Not sure what kind of paint brush you’ll need? Check out the 8 different types of acrylic brushes.


Give It A Try!

Saw something on Pinterest you’d like to try? Great! Go for it! It probably won’t come out at all like you wanted but who cares? You tried something new and if you enjoyed the experience perhaps you’ll do better next time.

Source: via erin on Pinterest

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Stenciling Your Art

In October, after my first visit to Ignite Phoenix, I felt inspired and wrote a post/blog entry wherein I made a declaration to “…try a new passion/hobby each month and see what sticks.” Not sure that painting will stick, but I did give it a try.

I’ve certainly achieved the arts-and-crafsty look, although it wasn’t my intention, but perhaps someone with a steadier hand and an easier first design could do it better. In fact, I’m pretty sure they could. Here are the steps I took to stencil myself some “art.”

Get your inspiration.
Trace said inspiration.
Try to trace neatly with a pencil. Try something that isn't so #$%! difficult to trace. Just a suggestion.

Paint in between the lines and …