Dia De Los Muertos – How To Make A Figurine. Sorta.

My new obsession, as my husband calls it, has been Dia De Los Muertos.

And just like last year, I vowed that I would celebrate the holiday that does not fear death but instead celebrates life. And this year, I tried. Well, harder than last year at least.

Things to accomplish as it pertains to Dia De Los Muertos before I die: (fitting, no?)

  • make candy skulls
  • obtain candy skulls
  • make paper flowers
  • make altar
  • make artwork
  • make figurines
  • go to a Dia De Los Muertos festival

Not bad, I’d say. The candy skull molds are surprisingly hard to find online and I didn’t even bother to look in stores, if you recall that misadventure.

So in lieu of iconic candy skulls, and because my paper mache skulls turned out so well, I decided to make figurines.

The Inspiration

Yup, I was going to attempt to make a Wire and Clay Skeleton Sculpture. Wire and clay. All similarities to Crafty Chica’s sculpture ends there.

Perhaps I’m being too hard on myself. The figurines turned out rather decent. One, a little creepy, but decent. The victory for me was that they were ready in time. Will they still be ready this time next year? Probably not.

So if you want to emulate this project, follow the Crafy Chica’s directions.







Assembly Required

• hot glue gun • Styrofoam balls • wooden base • dowel rods • ribbons & lace • wire & decent wire cutters • clay*


photo (42)

Glue the ball to the base (don’t forget the dowel rod). Stick wires into the ball to help give the figurine shape.

Taking Shape

Almost done

Trying to explain what happened under the dress would be really complicated and more difficult to replicate. This is a fly-by-wire project. My favorite.


photo (41)

Dia De Los Muertos altar

Rosa | Dia De Los Muertos

Rosita | Dia De Los Muertos

Try This At Home!

Try this one at home! And if you do and have found a better solution to the type of clay, please let me know. Predication: Around this time, next year, heads will roll.

Also, do what you can to learn more about this festival of celebrating life by honoring our dead.

Preparing For Dia De Los Muertos

I did not celebrate Dia De Los Muertos growing up. Instead it was Halloween, like everyone else. And this year, just like last year, I’ll carve a pumpkin, eat the seeds and hand out candy to the children dressed up as pop icons and ghouls. However, this year, I’m also celebrating Dia De Los Muertos — Day Of The Dead.

As I don’t know much about this holiday other than it’s deeply rooted in Mexican culture and unlike Halloween it’s a celebration of life (as death is a part of life), I’m dedicating October to learn as much as I can and try and get artsy-fartsy.

My past attempts to being crafty for Dia De Los Muertos where mediocre at best, so I’ll attempt to follow the instructions as provided by Crafy Chica.

Paper Mache Mishap

My sad little paper mache skulls.

Crafty Chicas Crafts That I’ll Try And Create

Research Begins:

Below is a quick video, courtesy of the Travel Channel that provides a quick overview of Day of The Dead. Enjoy!

What Do You Think?