New Goal: Losing Some Weight!

Come May 20th I’ll be speaking in front of 800+ people about why I love rugby (Yay!) at Ignite Phoenix 10 (double yay!). Then that video will be posted on YouTube for thousands more to see. And if my family can stay awake they may stream the presentations on the East Coast. But if they can’t tune in, I know many others will — how many? No idea.

However, I’m thinking that I may also want to drop a couple of pounds prior to getting on the stage. (Boo!)

Nothing crazy now but it may be worthwhile returning to a healthier lifestyle.

Dieting – Eating Cleaner

I’m a flexitarian. So what!? That meant a lot more when I was eating tons of fatty cuts of meat. But I’ve been enjoying chips, ice cream and beer. In an effort to feel better and make the clothes looser, I need to eat cleaner.

(CC ) by Martin Cathrae

I’m going to miss the beer.

Running – Still Sucks

(CC) by BlogfromItaly

I still don’t enjoy it but apparently I’ve learned that I can round 2+ miles so maybe now I need to do that more regularly.

Weight Lifting – Workout Of Choice

(CC) by pasukaru76

Second to rugby, of course. I love pumping iron and asking people if they’ve got their tickets to, you know, the gun show!

Start The Countdown!

I’ll check in with weight updates OR just wear black on May 20th.

Stay tuned!