Women’s Sports Federation of France – And Her Name Was Rugby – Part VI

Women’s Sports Federation of France

championnat barette 1928 back

The Fédération Française Sportive Féminine (FFSF) was founded by Alice Milliat in 1921 “in response to the refusal of the IAAF [International Olympic Committee] to include women’s track and field athletics events in the 1924 Olympic Games.”4

Milliat was “met with a deadlock of several leaders including that of Baron de Coubertin, vehemently opposed to women’s sports.”5

Vehemently opposed — the words make my skin crawl. I admire Milliat for finding her own way and I’m sure the Barette champions who received this were also proud of their combined achievements.

If you have been as enthralled with all this as I have, please watch this video of “Barette / Women Rugby in 1928”.


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Les Sportives | Journal Illustre Feminin – And Her Name Was Rugby – Part V

This is the fifth installment of “And Her Name Was Rugby” blog post.

Les Sportives | Journal Illustre Feminin

Women Barette / Rugby in France Lille Athletic Club 1924

Here the Lille Rugby Club is pictured in an illustrated newspaper dedicated to women’s sports. They are described as valiant. I would say that any player who decides to play rugby is “adventurous” — one of the synonyms but these women were certainly “bold” as I’m sure they must have received a lot of criticism for choosing a sport that isn’t feminine.