Call It What You Will

Liar. Wishy-washy. Uncommitted. Procrastinator. Anti-social.

These are names I’ve either given to myself or I would’t put it past that others have given to me. Nor can I say that I blame them.

I could offer up excuses about my new job (but it’s become less new yet the love of the work and constant deadlines has made me somewhat of a workaholic) or how my husband and I have opposing schedules and, as luck would have it, the days that coincided were also the days that people wanted to get together with me or, even, how I’m trying to scrape time and work on finishing a novel. But, I don’t want to offer up excuses.

You don’t want to hear them. I don’t want to give them.

So, instead, an apology. A sincere apology.

For those of you who have reached out to me and have asked to get together in 2011, that meant a lot. Thanks. I still value our friendship and while I’m whatever you want to call it, you’ve earned a real special place in my heart.

New Year = New Me?

Contrary to what this blog was leading up to, you would think that my New Year’s Resolution would be to hang out more and get in touch with friends. Well, no.

There I go again, hurting people’s feelings and making others feel less important.

But this year I give to myself and my husband to cherish time together, make time for ourselves and to be loving enough to ourselves to try new things and not be upset if the venture doesn’t stick. Ok, that last one was for me.

Read Between The Lines

What I’m not saying is this (I cringe as write this but it’s the truth): I’m not a rugger anymore.

Everything I said in my Ignite Phoenix speech was true. Damn, I loved being the feminine chick that would love the opportunity to tackle your ass on the rugby pitch.

But reality hit me this past Fall season: I wasn’t as good as the other players (by a lot!) so I slowed down plays, the plays were complex (no wonder they are a Division 1 team — when I played rugby (in college) I used to write an “L” on my left hand and an “R” for my right hand, for crying out loud! — it dawned on me that I could get hurt and maybe in college I didn’t care but now when I bump in to my car door results in a beautiful bruise, I care.

So, in 2011, I learned that I love rugby and I was a rugger. Yes, past tense. It’s ok. Chapter closed.

Bring on, 2012!

Not sure what this year will bring (an apocalypse, maybe?), but I’m wishing for you what I’m wishing for myself: success in your endeavors, the freedom to try new things, good health and to never doubt that you’re loved.

Why I Love Rugby – A Continuation

I’m STOKED for this season. It will be my second season of practice. I haven’t played any games yet — but that not withstanding — something about being on a team as fantastic as this one is a reward in itself.

Camaraderie Just Ain’t Cutting It

Perhaps it was what I retained from high school history classes but when I hear “camaraderie” I think “comrade.”

What you experience with being on a team like this is a the foundations of genuine friendships. Observe:

I remember in the first season feeling extremely self conscience. Especially as I’ve played rugby before and I expect a lot from myself. I still expect a lot from myself, but the team has come to know me and what to expect from me as well so when I give up on myself (for example, if I don’t hold the plank position for the full 30 seconds) they’re offering words of encouragement and pushing you (pushing me) when normally, at home, you would just give up.

And that is so refreshing.

You Want A Workout? You’ll Get One

The camaraderie aside, which I cherish more than playing any game (albeit I say that not having played a game in over 5 years), I also love the workout.

Well, I hate it. HAAAAATE the workout — during that is.

I want to keel over; just pass out and have them practice without me (a certain 7s practice comes to mind), but I don’t. Regardless of feeling dizzy because it’s 111 degrees outside which is not atypical for us desert rats when I return to my air-conditioned car I began to feel my body relax. I feel that I just had a great workout.

Leading Us In To Battle

Thirdly, I’m excited about this coach. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had the “friend” coach who wants to make sure the collective is happy as opposed to make some of the girls cross (for talking, for example) so we could focus on strategies that would create a winning team.

I believe this coach is extremely knowledgable and extremely patient. He gives the women a lot of credit and, on his part, that’s very smart as he understands that we’re an intellectual bunch and will over-think things (guilty!) and ask a lot of questions and he encourages that.

But when he’s teaching, he’s the only voice. Afterwards he’ll open it up to discussion or questions. I find this another great technique as we also have the ability to talk amongst ourselves, banter, get off topic and, ultimately, lose momentum for the drill we were working on.

In summary, I’m very encouraged for what will be my first Fall Season in a very, very long time.

Clean Living | Weigh In

Day 2 of clean eating and exercising. Making progress.

Morning Weight Evening Weight
131 130.6