Puddles Ain’t Just For Kids

The day started with a rumbling over our heads. However, it wasn’t thunder.

Instead it was the dogs, entertaining themselves by running up and down the stairs, followed by laps around the upstairs furniture and then jumping over the furniture like hurdles. Or, at least, that’s what it sounded like to us below trying to sleep in. In a groggy haze, I ushered the dogs outside to continue their play but unaware that it was starting to rain.

When we joined the Land of the Living the pups were so happy to see us as they greeted us at the door, their paws and faces muddied. What to do?

  • A. Wipe their paws and let them in for a lazy Sunday.
  • B. Load them in the car and take them to the dog park for maximum muddiness and then bring them back for a bath.
  • C. Not commit to anything but accidentally show the dogs their leashes for a superior freakout and decide, at a bare minimum, we should take them for a walk.

If you guessed “C,” you’d be right. We took them for a walk. A walk with giant puddles!

*Not filmed was my wipeout. Complete with face plant and then my getting dragged a couple of feet by the dogs, who were likely attempting to shake me off as I was slowing them down.

We returned sodden and wet, but the dogs were happy and partially clean.

A bath wasn’t in the cards this day. Especially for what is a gigantic production — and energy needed — to bathe two dogs outside which was also muddy. Counterproductive, much?

As for indoor baths, please reference the photo below where Zander learned that if he stood on the edge of the bathtub he could avoid the soapy wet stuff and derail our plans of having tidy pets.

White Siberian Husky Not Enjoying His Bath

So this Sunday it was made clear that puddles ain’t just for kids (in fact, except for maybe me, there were no kids around) and sometimes partially clean is good enough. That is, as far as Siberian Huskies are concerned.

Soapbox Rant: A Wasted Opportunity To Convert

So, as some of you know I have two huskies and the notion of hooking them up to a sled is somewhat appealing, aside from the dislike of snow being so cold, and the other and larger obstacle of not knowing if such an organization where I could take the Siberians to learn to mush even existed.

Until one day a throwaway tweet said that there was such an organization but they were rescheduling an event. I instantly went to their website but because it was still stuck in the 90s I couldn’t find the information I was looking for so I sent an email.

What followed was a wasted opportunity to gain a potential member.

My Excited and Very Informative Email To The Organization

Hi [Insert Name Here],

Found your website thanks to a tweet from [Insert Twitter Handle Here] and was hoping to get more information on how I could get my two huskies some informal classes. Do I have to join or do you ever have some dates set up where people could come up and try to train their dogs?

Also, do you have an email newsletter that I could sign up for more information? Or perhaps are you on Twitter? Facebook?

Essentially, I’d like to stay up-to-date with races and events that I could bring either the dogs or the hubby to.

The Unhelpful Response That I Got Back

Hello Martha, we are on the web at [Insert Website URL]. I guess you found our site? You could contact the different activity chairpersons to see what you may be able to arrange. If you are in the [Insert Geographic Area] at least one of our members trains here using a bike or non-motor cart. Most members are in [Insert Another Geographic Area]. Joining is always a good thing. Our current newsletter came out in January 2011, our last web based newsletter was October 2010.

Let me know if this helps.

Reading In Between The Lines

This is what I do — reading in between the lines. Over-analyzation is my thing.

  • Uh, yes, I did find your website. I even told you from where I found your website. What great feedback I just gave you!
  • I already contacted someone. You! Now I have to research someone else on that terrible website, contact them and see what I might be able to arrange on my own?
  • I’d like to stay up to-date about the organization. Have you heard of Twitter? Facebook? No? And I missed both the e-newsletter and the paper newsletter? Guess I’ll have to check back to the website for updates. Really? Really!?

Does that help? No, no it doesn’t.