Warrior Dash – The Countdown Starts and Warrior Shout Out

If you count today, there are four more days until the Warrior Dash. FOUR!!

The final countdown to the running, jumping over fire and large rusty cars, climbing down the ravines and crawling in the mud really starts.

Yesterday’s run was dreadful as I’ve still not convinced (read: tricked) myself that running is fun, although I know deep inside that it’s good for me. However, what has been fun is training with a great group of friends for this event.

Whether it’s running along Tempe Town Lake together and supporting the stragglers (read: me).
Running along Tempe Town Lake

Or finding equipment to train on and practice being tough.

And one of my favorites is rock climbing because those ravines, as I’m sure, are gonna be steep.

So in this quick post, I want to thank John “Carnage” Strebler, Rick “The Butcher” Schmidt, Jukin’ and Jivin Jimmy O and Joel Flint (or less known as Lorem Ipsum).

Fellas, if we live — I’m looking forward to the next dashes from Tough Mudder to the Mud Run. We can do it!!

Warrior Dash – Training Continues

So you remember me telling you about this little race I’m doing in May? The Warrior Dash?

Well, I jest about the running and how awful it will be (well I’m still NOT looking forward to the run), however, I am very serious about training for this event.

Obstacle: Cliffhanger

On Monday the gang and I went rock climbing at the Rock Gym because the Warrior Dash will have us rappelling off steep ravines. We must be prepared.

muscle pose at phoenix rock gym
Quick! Find a vet! These puppies are sick!
Littlest rock climbing at the Phoenix Rock Gym in Tempe, Arizona
Umm. Hard to take a flattering shot from down below.
Rock climbing trail names to denote difficulty. 5.7, baby.

Obstacle: Undefined. Categorize under: Tripping or Falling Down.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are part of the regularly scheduled Rugby Adventures. Tuesday we had a guest Canadian coach who talked funny but made us work hard. To clarify he didn’t speak funny like his voice was high pitched so much as he said humorous things, such as “Bust a move, eh?”

Tuesday was also the day that we worked on rucking. And I’m terrible at rucking. I landed squarely on my knee and will have some nice bruising to show for it.

Unsure what a ruck is? Yea, you wouldn’t be the first. For my non-rugby folk, please watch this quick video:

Obstacle: Knee High Hell

Speed steppin’ through hundreds of tires. Sounds like it’s time for Calisthenics!

The group and I headed out to Tempe Town Lake and we enjoyed some rigorous drills, graciously given to me by my rugby captain.

We went bounding like gazelles for 50 yards and back, did calf jumps to be followed by squat jumps, then ground up sprints and, of course, high knees.

After all this you’d think I’d be “ripped like Jesus.” But instead I’m staying status quo, ahem, gained a little weight.

I blame this:

Shiner beer bottle

This very delicious, savory cerverza that has been chilling in my fridge all day, waiting there for me. For me.

Who am I to say no?