Post-Warrior Dash AZ

The Warrior Dash was AWESOME!

Let’s just start with the obvious. After so many weeks of training the day finally arrived. And as my previous post indicated, I had some mixed feelings that morning.

After the hour-long commute I met up with the gang and together we fed on each other’s anxieties. But then to kill time we took group photos. Cheesy, ninja-themed group photos. Ninja-themed because we were code/dev ninjas. I was an honorary member.

Karate kid style.

I did not know what to expect.


Then the flames at the starting line shot in to the air and hundreds of runners were off. My initial thought was that the running sucked, as I predicted it would. However, with my team alongside me and a nice breeze pushing us we enjoyed a good stride. Until we hit the first obstacle.

However, contrary to the map’s depiction, the first trail was not the tunnels of terror. Instead it was a short person’s nightmare. Walls about chest high if you happen to be 5 foot 1 and 1/2. (Yes, the half inch does make a difference.) As I jumped over one wall — swinging both legs over to one side — a much taller teammate nearly swiped my supporting hand with his foot. There were four alternating walls. They alternated with walls of barbed wire.

After that there were deep hills to climb and descend in to. I was certain that I would end up with a mouthful of dirt. After this, the second obstacle, the wind blowing sand in to our eyes it was starting to dawn on me that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. Just maybe.

That is until we reached the tires and cars. I can do this, I thought and did high knees through them tires and junked up cars. I found my second wind. Then came the “river run” which was really just a small canal of mud water. It was wonderful.

Thankfully, we alternated between taking the footage with the flip-cam of all the obstacles. Unfortunately, I don’t have the flip-cam with me now. [Footage to come soon.]

Before long the finish line was blazing before us. And after that, more glorious mud.

Mud. Is. Awesome.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Now for the next race.

To see more of the images, click here: LittlestMartha Does Warrior Dash.

Pre-Warrior Dash

Nervous. Anxious. Excitement. Stuffed. Clean.

This is the progression of emotion throughout this morning. Nervous when I woke up and realized that I had to put all my training to the test. Anxious because I’m not sure that I’m going to do that great. Excitement because I know no matter what I’ll have a blast. And now stuffed as my family is insisting that I keep eating since my race isn’t until another four hours.

A monster egg omelete and a banana. This would have been sufficient. Then a bowl of cereal. And then a smoothie. Albeit it was an epic smoothie it was still a smoothie that I probably didn’t need.

Hopefully, I don’t wretch. That would be not-so-epic.

I’m also feeling pretty clean.

LittlestMartha flexing muscles before Warrior Dash AZ

LittlestMartha WarriorDash AZ stance

That’s gonna change real soon.