Why I Love Rugby – A Continuation

I’m STOKED for this season. It will be my second season of practice. I haven’t played any games yet — but that not withstanding — something about being on a team as fantastic as this one is a reward in itself.

Camaraderie Just Ain’t Cutting It

Perhaps it was what I retained from high school history classes but when I hear “camaraderie” I think “comrade.”

What you experience with being on a team like this is a the foundations of genuine friendships. Observe:

I remember in the first season feeling extremely self conscience. Especially as I’ve played rugby before and I expect a lot from myself. I still expect a lot from myself, but the team has come to know me and what to expect from me as well so when I give up on myself (for example, if I don’t hold the plank position for the full 30 seconds) they’re offering words of encouragement and pushing you (pushing me) when normally, at home, you would just give up.

And that is so refreshing.

You Want A Workout? You’ll Get One

The camaraderie aside, which I cherish more than playing any game (albeit I say that not having played a game in over 5 years), I also love the workout.

Well, I hate it. HAAAAATE the workout — during that is.

I want to keel over; just pass out and have them practice without me (a certain 7s practice comes to mind), but I don’t. Regardless of feeling dizzy because it’s 111 degrees outside which is not atypical for us desert rats when I return to my air-conditioned car I began to feel my body relax. I feel that I just had a great workout.

Leading Us In To Battle

Thirdly, I’m excited about this coach. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had the “friend” coach who wants to make sure the collective is happy as opposed to make some of the girls cross (for talking, for example) so we could focus on strategies that would create a winning team.

I believe this coach is extremely knowledgable and extremely patient. He gives the women a lot of credit and, on his part, that’s very smart as he understands that we’re an intellectual bunch and will over-think things (guilty!) and ask a lot of questions and he encourages that.

But when he’s teaching, he’s the only voice. Afterwards he’ll open it up to discussion or questions. I find this another great technique as we also have the ability to talk amongst ourselves, banter, get off topic and, ultimately, lose momentum for the drill we were working on.

In summary, I’m very encouraged for what will be my first Fall Season in a very, very long time.

Clean Living | Weigh In

Day 2 of clean eating and exercising. Making progress.

Morning Weight Evening Weight
131 130.6

Healthy Eating Meets Rugby Exercises

August 1st (yesterday) marked the first day of two weeks of clean eating, exercising correctly and getting rest.

As I’ve shared before, weight loss is personal but I’m intentionally sharing it with you so I can keep myself honest and on track as I log each day’s progress. Maybe we can both learn from this — you can share pitfalls with me that I can try and avoid and if I’m successful I can share how I’ve lost weight that may be beneficial to someone out there.

Weighing In

Weight: 134.5 lbs
BMI: 25.3 (“overweight”)
Weight loss goal: 120 – 125 lbs

You Are What You Eat

Are you a Fruity Pebble treat (a modification of Rice Krispies treat) or an Arugula Pear salad?

Fruity Pebble Treats
Arugula and Pear Salad

I was the Fruity Pebble treat but last night I was the spicy, peppery Arugula Pear salad. And while I think I may have enjoyed the treats for a little longer, the fluorescent-colored, corn syrupy sweet treat made its way to the trash can. After consuming a clean meal I’m aware that my tongue is not coated in a film of muck (likely from the corn syrup) that repeated on me when I “enjoyed” a sweet treat.

Clean eating, I think, is going to alter what I believe is a “sweet treat.” Adios corn syrup!

Exercising with Rugby Girls

diet versus exercise

Now this is a ratio I could get used to.

For yesterday’s exercise it was mostly abs (bleeuch) and arms (yay!).

Deltoid muscle
Hello Muscles!

But I left the cardio and strengthening of the legs out. Today is the first official practice for the Tempe Women’s Rugby Team and I know that I’ll return home unable to walk. But I’ll love it.