Meet The Little Lady

Do I look better with the #mustache?

Martha is a classy broad. She is an older name. The name is Aramaic and means “lady”.

Me? Sure, I can be a lady sometimes. The other times I am a warrior, a former but proud rugger, a conflicted foodie or vegetarian (and by no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a cook — thank goodness the hubbs likes to cook), a lazy crafter and a lover of Siberian huskies.

That’s not all!

I am a blogger (derp a derp) and a soon-to-be-published writer (my goal of goals).

Mar • Tita — Little Martha, Pretty Martha, Little Fat Martha

Spanish is great when you, or others, want to enhance your name. To get a name enhancer, take the suffix “ita” from chiquita (small one), bonita (pretty one), gordita (little fat one) and smush it up against your name and you are no longer just [your name here], now you have an instant and an endearing epithet.

Enhance your name with an ita or ito today! You might find it has a nice ring to it.

Petite Woman With Big Aspirations

At 5 feet and 1 and ½ inches tall you could say that I’m petite. Many do.

I may be small in size, but not in ambitions. Shakespeare said it better:

Though she be but little, she is fierce!

Shakespeare likely said everything better, but this here is my blog (my corner of the Interwebs) and where I’ll share with you my latest adventures and misadventures.

While you’re here, you can call me Martita. Not many do, but you can.

In fact, you can consider yourself apart of the in-crowd now.

Martita signature

Where You Can Find Me Keeping It Social


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